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Web Development

Your web application needs to meet the expectations of users who are used to using only the best. That's why your application needs to be made by an experienced and professional web development firm. At the very least, a respectable application is powerful enough to provide useful functions, has a design attractive enough to pique interest and a user interface that's simple enough to be intuitive. And as if that wasn't enough, those applications have to be made to work within several limitations, from server capabilities to users' internet speeds to development budgets.

Web Design

Web designing works on a the principle of achieving a design that not only attracts users but also works fast at delivering a brand image. An internet savvy client can be your biggest critic, as they will very quickly judge your company’s credibility by your site plan. A good professional looking site translated to a good company and vice versa. So a good website design is your hook, it is the first impression your company makes on a potential client. A clumsy site design can do irreparable damage to your company's outlook. Which is why, a website design needs to be relevantly themed (according the service provided), professional, well planned, and well designed. Its also need to convey why your service is better, than your competitor’s.

Business Applications

A potent application is a simple application. Getting a goal-oriented application developed particularly for a client intensive company, can work wonders on productivity, management and sales. Such robust apps do not over stretch their users. They work efficiently in as little information as possible and load quickly with an inviting user interface. At Genetech Solutions, all applications are created from scratch, so that each one can be modeled to do its job perfectly. Our final result is a clean, uncomplicated and an inviting design that is a pleasure to use.

Virtual Staffing

Looking to cut cost and extend your business operations by hiring offshore development staff? Genetech Solutions has a proven history of providing professional and affordable dedicated development teams to businesses all over the world. Whether you are looking to get expert software development staff on your roster or round the clock application support, Genetech has the experience and staff to fill your needs. You possess all intellectual property rights and all your projects are dealt with strict confidentiality and professionalism.